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$29.99/ mo
- 1 amazing collaboration offer with one of our partner brands.
- Basic support from our Team.

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Crush PLUS+ Plan
$59.99/ mo
- 3 Premium collaborations offers each month.
- Free PDF on "how to become a successful Influencer" (Value 149$)
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Frequently Asked Questions

For who is this service?

CrushInfluence is for small influencers who wants to start their Influencer journey immediately. Working with us, means to work with amazing brands right away.

How does it work?

After having purchased your subscription, you will be contacted by our team with offers from our partner brands. Then, you will be contacted by their marketing team in order to organize the collaboration.

By purchasing your service, will I be guaranteed that brands will work with me?

Yes! We have agreements with great brands, who are happy to work with small influencers. Even if you don't have a large amount of followers, you will be sure to collaborate with our partner brands.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do. Please contact our sales team for any inquiry.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, we don't force you into any long-term contracts. Our best price is available as an annual subscription, but we offer monthly subscriptions as well. You can cancel it  whenever you want.

Which payments do you accept?

We accept online payments through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you don't have a credit card, we accept PayPal (you must have a PayPal account), and wire transfers. To arrange offline payments, or if you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

Are there requirements to work with our partner brands?

No, there is no minimum Followers or experience to have. We make sure that our partner brands will be a good fit for you.

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